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I was in the Military for 29 yrs, went all over the world and never thought to capture any of what I had seen, what a regret. Four years before I retired for a fathers day gift I received a camera, I was told by my family make a history so that it may carry on. After living in New Orleans all my life so many things passed me by as I went on my way. I am now 54yrs old and have started recording what has passed me by. I love our city, the people and the things that we take for granted. I have been trying to find who I am as a photographer. I stumbled on your website looking for pictures of New Orleans to give me inspiration. I found in you what I believe is that inspiration, I'am not sure what will happen or what will come out of what I do, but your pictures give the story of New Orleans. Anyone who comes to your site can feel what we take for granted just by loosing themselves in your pictures. Mr. Pompo YOU are truly an artist.
Pompo, you are amazing, fun and easy to work with. Made me feel like a movie star!
Naomi G(non-registered)
awesome work! posted on my blog --> (
Dylanni Smith(non-registered)
I just wanted to say that I love your photography! All the photos are so well done, and are absolutely beautiful! I strive to be as good a photographer as you someday. Landscape is also one of my favorites, and your capturing of New Orleans is undoubtedly magnificent. As a young photographer, I look up to you, and wish to learn from your amazing photos. Have a great day!
Love your work! You've captured great features of the city.
It seems like you do spend some time and a lot of effort on doing this amazing work at your blog. I have bookmarked it and will come back soon. Thanks!
Martha Bresciani(non-registered)
Alfonso, I loved the photos I saw in the Internet. You are really a great photographer. But what I want to "talk" to you is that we have the same last name - Bresciani. My father was Cesare Bresciani and maybe we belong to the same Family. We live in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil and many relatives of mine live in Vitoria, Espirito Santo. I know you must be extremely busy and has no time to waste with people you have never met in your life. Anyway, I´m just curious about you, why you decided to be a photographer - a very succesful one -, where you were born, if you have ever been to Brasil. Well there are a lot of questions I would like to ask, but for now, I think it´s enough, for I don´t want to bother you. As I said before, your photographs are really STUNNING! Congratulations!
A big hug from Martha
Just surfed in from a search engine to say hello. You have a very nicely assembled website. Just goes to prove that hard work and dedication to a project will eventually pay off. Great job!
Signe Schmidt(non-registered)
found your site as we are looking for things to do on our first trip to NOLA in March, stunning work sir.
terry smith(non-registered)
love your work!
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