About Alfonso " Pompo " Bresciani

A great job of passion and patience has allowed Alfonso Bresciani to succeed in little time to re-invent windsurfing photography and conquering a place on the scene of worldwide reputation photographers. Pompo’s photographs have appeared on the pages of many worldwide magazines, brochures and publications.
Pompo has gone still beyond: He has photographed before anyone, the place where the high waves are born, where man had never ridden the surf. This fantastic place called “Jaws” or "Peahi" always remained secretly guarded by the Native Hawaiians. No one was allowed to take risks. Successfully, he arrived on the scene capturing the images on film, which are now part of windsurfing history.

Today this photographer of exceptional works resides in Louisiana where he captures its spirit, natural beauty and culture. He is currently a set stills photographer member of ICG: International Cinematographers Guild ( IATSE Local 600 ) and a contract photographer for ZUMA Press.  

His unit still photographer website is at www.AlfonsoBresciani.com