Pompo, you are amazing, fun and easy to work with. Made me feel like a movie star!
Naomi G(non-registered)
awesome work! posted on my blog --> http://truenolahollywood.com/post/127021872000/nola-photographer-pompob-pompo-bresciani (TrueNOLAHollyWood.com)
Dylanni Smith(non-registered)
I just wanted to say that I love your photography! All the photos are so well done, and are absolutely beautiful! I strive to be as good a photographer as you someday. Landscape is also one of my favorites, and your capturing of New Orleans is undoubtedly magnificent. As a young photographer, I look up to you, and wish to learn from your amazing photos. Have a great day!
Love your work! You've captured great features of the city.
It seems like you do spend some time and a lot of effort on doing this amazing work at your blog. I have bookmarked it and will come back soon. Thanks!
Martha Bresciani(non-registered)
Alfonso, I loved the photos I saw in the Internet. You are really a great photographer. But what I want to "talk" to you is that we have the same last name - Bresciani. My father was Cesare Bresciani and maybe we belong to the same Family. We live in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil and many relatives of mine live in Vitoria, Espirito Santo. I know you must be extremely busy and has no time to waste with people you have never met in your life. Anyway, I´m just curious about you, why you decided to be a photographer - a very succesful one -, where you were born, if you have ever been to Brasil. Well there are a lot of questions I would like to ask, but for now, I think it´s enough, for I don´t want to bother you. As I said before, your photographs are really STUNNING! Congratulations!
A big hug from Martha
Just surfed in from a search engine to say hello. You have a very nicely assembled website. Just goes to prove that hard work and dedication to a project will eventually pay off. Great job!
Signe Schmidt(non-registered)
found your site as we are looking for things to do on our first trip to NOLA in March, stunning work sir.
terry smith(non-registered)
love your work!
i have in fact just stummbled on probably the most beautiful and conversational New Orleans photographers site......would like to meet up with such a great some day..
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